Flavor Adventures

Coctail Pendiente

We recommend you this great cocktail to start the weekend In a Bombee glass, shake 1 tbsp of red fruits, 1 oz simple and 4 oz Malbec Sweet Natural DB. Garnish with mind flower and enjoy.

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Filet mignon with foie gras and sea salt.

Filet mignon: filet mignon with foie gras and sea salt. Filet mignon Foie gras Sea salt -Sauce the filet with salt and pepper, and seal on a hot griddle. -Cut the filet into sticks and seal again. -Serve the filet and spread with the foie gras. Heat the foie gras with a torch and finish…

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fettuccine alfredo

A Pairing from Two Continents

Alfredo, a classic, indulgent Italian cream sauce, meets crisp Argentinian Chardonnay. The result is bite after sip after bite of an addictive merriment of cheese, garlic, salt, and acid. It’s the adult version of sitting down to a bowl of white cheddar mac and cheese (from the box) that you loved as a kid (and…

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Osso Buco Empanadas with an Organic Red Blend

Empanadas are a labor of love, the “Sunday sauce” of Argentinian cuisine. And they are worth every bit of effort. This version uses decadent Osso Buco, but you can substitute bone-in short ribs or even diced filet mignon if you dare! The spicy tomato sauce balances the richness of the Osso Buco and keeps us…

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beet risotto

Beet Risotto with Malbec

Risotto often gets a bad reputation for being a bit difficult to execute. In reality, it’s quite simple and oh so rewarding. This recipe uses carnaroli rice, a highly prized rice grown in Northern Italy. It has a higher starch content than the more commonly used arborio rice which gives this risotto a firmer texture.…

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