The World of Organic: Story

Every idea starts with the need for a solution. Ours was simple. Why is it so difficult to find and buy organic products beyond produce? The answer is simple.

Currently, the market for organic products represents a small percentage of total sales, so companies are not willing to invest in building an online marketplace delivering the world of organic products to your doorstep.

But we are. Organic products are not only healthier for the Earth they are healthier for all of us. Period. And, for those of us who have chosen organic as a way of life, we believe it should be easy to find the products we want.

So, we created The World of Organic. A world where all choices are organic choices. An online marketplace for organic products from across the globe.

We are starting with Organic Wine, because that is what we know best. Our family are farmers. Farmers who have grown wine grapes and created high quality organic wines for four generations. We use our knowledge to select the best organic wines and bring them to your doorstep. After all, why mix organic food with non-organic wine? It doesn’t make sense.

Finally, we believe it is our responsibility to not only give everyone access to high quality organic products, but also the information and education needed to make informed decisions for yourself and for your family.

Live Life Organically…